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After years of research and working in the marine and wildlife consulting industry, Dr. Mari Smultea founded Smultea Sciences in 2000. Since then, she has built  an experienced team of dedicated scientists and regulatory specialists providing environmental and wildlife consulting expertise. With scientific rigor at at the heart of what we do, we take pride in providing a balanced approach to creating innovative wildlife management solutions. 

As a woman-owned small business, mentorship, training, and encouragement of new scientists is ingrained in our company culture. Many of our team members go on to publish research and pursue graduate degrees. 

In 2015, we set a goal to shift our work to supporting more sustainable energy sources. Today, we are living that goal, providing over 60% of the protected species observer and PAM monitoring services and environmental reporting for the US Atlantic and Pacific offshore wind industry.

Mission Driven

Smultea Sciences creates balanced, innovative marine and wildlife management solutions throughout our world and its oceans. 

To further our commitment to people, profit, and the planet, we are applying to become a Certified B Corporation, joining a global community using business as a force for good. 

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Operating as a remote company with projects along both US coastlines and occasionally in international waters, Smultea Sciences recognizes the importance of offshore development on local economies. We continually strive to maximize local employment opportunities, recruiting  well-qualified candidates to provide local capacity in support of local and state communities.

The chart to the right is a snapshot of our impact in New England/East Coast states as part of our commitment to local offshore wind development efforts. 

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Proven Process

When a new client starts working with Smultea Sciences, we have a proven process that continues to bring clients back for repeat projects. From working carefully to identify client and project goals and resources, through providing comprehensive and creative project solutions, we develop strong client relationships that help ensure ongoing project success.

Proven Process
Local Content
Our Core Values
our Core values

Our company values steer our engagement with clients, employees, suppliers, and the surrounding  environment. This is who we are as employees and colleagues:​




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