Blue whale mother/calf pair.  Photographed 24 May 2013 by D. Steckler under NMFS permit 14451.

Mari Smultea, PhD, CEO and Chief Science Officer of SMULTEA SCIENCES, has authored over 16 scientific journal publications, 68 reports, and 30 NEPA/ESA/NMFS permit applications and reports. Mari's continued research and insight help guide effective marine resource management and conservation efforts around the world.

“Smultea Sciences is a well-established, industry knowledgeable consultancy. I look forward

to meeting with you and your team to help define company goals, develop solutions, and realize them!" 


                                   Mari Smultea, PhD

                                   CEO & Chief Science Officer, Smultea Sciences

~ Woman-owned Small Business (WOSB) ~

~ DOT MBE Certified ~