Smultea Sciences Harnesses Latest Technology for Whale Observation

April 18, 2018

Smultea Sciences is harnessing the latest technology from Mysticetus, LLC, directly linking with NOAA’s North Atlantic Right Whale Dynamic Management Area (DMA) directives.


Our team of Protected Species Observers (PSOs) reference DMA locations and information via a real-time map display while working on wind farm projects in the Atlantic Ocean.

NOAA designated DMAs in the Greater Atlantic Region to provide short-term protection zones centered around whale presence and activity. Mariners are asked to avoid the areas or reduce their speed around DMAs. 


Mysticetus software defines DMA boundaries to help PSOs track critically endangered whales. This instantaneous link increases PSO situational awareness, while decreasing communication lag-time of North Atlantic right whale sightings by others nearby. Smultea Environmental Sciences (SES) is piloting this new technology as part of the Bay State Wind project. A partnership between Ørsted and Eversource, this green energy offshore wind project is located just south of Martha’s Vineyard.

Ørsted Environmental Manager Laura Morse observes, "The new Mysticetus DMA display empowers PSOs working on our wind farm construction projects to better protect North Atlantic right whales. Bay State Wind is proud to have provided resources necessary to test, refine and deploy this technology to the field.”

NOAA’s Tim Cole asserts, "With just over 400 North Atlantic right whales left, new data and communication systems like Mysticetus can help ensure their survival."

Dr. Mari Smultea, Smultea Sciences CEO, notes, "PSOs are required to make mitigation decisions that can impact both animal welfare and a project’s operational efficacy. Mysticetus' display of NOAA Dynamic Management Areas gives PSOs a high-tech tool to help us protect the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale”.

The system will roll out over the next few months to all PSOs using Mysticetus in North Atlantic right whale regions.

Zoomed out image of multiple DMAs
Mysticetus tracking north Atlantic right whale
Zoomed in image of  DMA and vessel track

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